Monday Mornings

Yesterday's writer's class at Edmonds Library is a great way to start the week. We begin our meetings with a bit of writing fun…a story starter, usually four to six words to start, 15 minutes to write, and then you read. It is so spontaneous, you never know what we will come up with!

Here's the starter……..

I wanted to tell her…… amazing I thought she was. How beautiful and graceful, assertive, but gentle, all at once. 

     The words just wouldn't come out and I couldn't get up off the bench. So I just stared, perhaps a bit too long because the guy she was with walked over and stood in front of me.

     "Do you have a problem? You keep staring at us," he said. I looked up at his six-foot-six frame that blocked the sun from my eyes. 

     "Ah, no," I stuttered, somewhat proven by his presence. "I was just looking. I've always wanted to find one as magnificent and peautiful. Where did you…" I let my voice trail off as I noticed his hands opening and closing.

     I looked up. "Never mind. I'll be on my way." I said as I got off the park bench and moved away.

     I glanced back as he walked back, bent down and ran his hand across her smooth, golden hair. I was jealous. I thought, Man, that is the most spectacular Golden Retriever I have ever seen. Clearly she's a show dog.