A heartwarming tribute celebrating Joe's 17 years at Mid-Pacific Institute. 

Leslie Wilcox talks with Joe Rice, president of Mid-Pacific Institute. The genial private school leader opens up about his childhood, marked by abuse and poverty. Joe is writing a memoir of his experiences - a catharsis that stings long-open wounds. Now nearing retirement, Joe supports programs serving orphans and foster children, while nurturing the 1,500 students of Mid-Pac and a family of his own. Original Air Date: March 6, 2012

In Honolulu, each time Joe appeared in a news story, TV or radio, he had to pay a fine to his Sunrise Honolulu Rotary Club.

He was fined so many times, that he earned the Paul Harris Society Award for his contributions to the Rotary International annual fund.

Here are some of the heartwarming favorites!